Gaff Yawl Jewell

Jewell No. 6 (Stavanger, Norway)

Jewell is designed by famous French naval architect François Vivier, and is a 6 m gaff yawl with lead ballast and a pivoting centre board. It is a sailboat for day trips and week-ends. The small cabin has sitting headroom, two berths, space for a chemical toilet and a cooker.

Jewell is built with high quality oukume marine plywood and epoxy, and weighs only 650 kg. With 120 kg lead ballast in a long and shallow keel, and 30 kg lead in the centre board, the boat feels like a sailboat with a permanent keel rather than a boat with a centre board.

It is designed for easy launch from a trailer; see more information about Jewell in English and French here.               

Jewell will easily reach 6 knots with a 4-6 HP outboard engine.

Jewell is for the person who wants:

  • traditional lines and classic rigging which is both simple and efficient

  • modern materials with low maintenance

  • a boat without complicated mechanics and electronics

  • a boat that stands apart from mass produced plastic boats

Jewell is inspired by the traditional sailing and work boats of the Biscay Bay; it sails well (6 knots under sail is quite common) and is extremely seaworthy. 

Nick Newland frå Swallow Yachts has written an interesting article about sailboats with two masts: What´s the Point of Two Masts?

Jewell No. 6 - Stavanger, Norway

Jewell nr. 6 photos

Jewell "Fontana" (Perth, Australia)