Comparison of small trimarans

Here is a selection of trimarans up to approx. 10 m length; some of the smaller ones are open, the larger ones have a cabin; most of them are folding; some are in production, or have been until recently; others are available in the form of plans for self-build. I have not included "kayak-type" trimarans, of which there are several.

Explanations to table:

Power to weight ratio (highest is best) calculation: Upwind sail area (includes wing mast area if applicable) divided by net weight plus 200 kg (average weight of crew and gear) multiplied by 100. Other factors are also influencing performance, such as hull length, hull drag, leeway, beam and windage.

Performance index calculation (highest is best): Length multiplied by beam multiplied by sail area divided by weight

Price is for a fully equipped boat, and where only build country is indicated, it is for a boat in serial production. "One-off" indicates craftsman building based on plans and drawings, and the price is a rough estimat with a European price level in mind; where plans no longer are available price for a second-hand boat is estimated.